Glen and Karen @Bellevue Permaculture

We moved to France after our world travels in 2016 with a vision to create a sustainable, organic small scale farm as a permaculture education and demonstration site. Since then we had been renovating the house, redesigning and regenerating the land. Thus we are now able to follow our dream of leading a more balanced and connected lifestyle in the French countryside.

Karen is a certified Permaculture designer, educator and life coach with an interest in regenerative agriculture, holistic land management, organic vegetable growing, herbalism and she also makes her own salves, creams and soaps from herbs grown on the property. 

Glen has a background in engineering and is an all round handyman and solution engineer,  with a keen interest in beekeeping, milling wood, woodland management, forest gardens (perennial food forests) and aquaponics.

We have dogs, chickens, bees, ducks, pigs, sheep and goats, and we also grow our own vegetables in annual raised beds and polytunnels. Our plan is to move towards lower energy input growing by creating a few perennial food forests which we are setting up in our orchard and woodlands.

Our rare breed pigs are reared outdoors and we raise them for meat and land rotovation. We also run a Community pig club. Our rare breed sheep are pasture raised on a holistic grazing management system. They provide us with meat, they help with land regeneration and eco mowing, and we also use their fleece for creating a variety of products. We believe passionately in good animal husbandry and in treating all our animals with respect.

Paul and Jill@Moustoirialan

Having found our property in 2017 through the British television programme called “A Place in The Sun”, we moved to France after taking early retirement in 2018

Our aim is to live a sustainable and eco way of life, being as self sufficient as possible in meat, vegetables and fruit. Having struggled with the taming of the land and the poor yield, Jill decided to undertake a Permaculture design course in her search for some answers.

We are now in the middle of redesigning our smallholding using permaculture principles and methods, whilst at the same time studying for a Permaculture Diploma.

Our smallholding consists of two cats and two dogs, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens  In addition to this we also have a couple of polytunnels, a productive vegetable potager, fledgling orchard and our latest project which is a re-wilding area.

One of our passions is to recycle, up cycle, repurpose and renovate using material found in our barns, on our land and from friends or local suppliers.

Having run a small artisan deli in the UK, our aim is to make the most of our produce. Paul is a keen brewer, making some of the most interesting and delicious concoctions, from nettle beer, to cider, champagne and wine. He has also developed his skills in working with wood to create a variety of different products.

Jill is a bread baker and preserver. She creates chutneys, jams and is accomplished in fermenting and bottling/canning methods. In addition to this she has mastered the art of spinning, using the fleece from her rare breed shetland sheep.

 We have developed our knowledge of French administrative systems in so far as running a smallholding and also two small businesses. So we are now looking to share our knowledge and experiences to help inspire, motivate and encourage others.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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